Ron Smith

Ron Smith

Ron Smith began his training under three time world boxing champion, Mr. Henry Armstrong.  Mr. Smith also studied under Mr. Supat Prapaisilp and Mr. Prayouth Kitipitayankul

After several years of training, Mr. Smith entered into the world of amateur kickboxing. At first, it seemed like a struggle because he was not as advanced in his skills as he wanted to be.  He made a promise to himself that to strive to do whatever it took to become better at the sport he loved.

Ron - Fight

Mr. Smith's commitment paid off, after a while he began to notice that he was not as tired during practice as he was before.  He was enjoying this so much that he made a step into the professional scene, and this soon proved to be a good decision.

About Mr Smith

Mr. Smith did not let his dream fade away the day he retired as a fighter, he began to share the knowledge that he possessed with others around the St. Louis area.  He seems to enjoy this just as much as he enjoyed competing in his earlier days.

One of Mr. Smith's students that has shown a great talent is Jermaine "Bamm Bamm" André, he is a regular at the academy.


  • National Karate Association Full Contact Champion
  • Ranked #5 in the World Karate Association
  • Ranked #6 in the Professional Karate Association World Rankings in 1981
  • Trainer of WFA World Champion Jermaine André